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Inventory & Check In

Property Inventory

We can create comprehensive Property Inventory Reports that detail every aspect of a property from the condition, decor and contents to any exterior aspects or areas, including photographic evidence.

In addition to the inventory we provide Check In and Check Out assessments of the property at the start and at the end of a tenancy, ensuring that the landlord and tenant have an independent document which both parties agree to.

Hilton & Fox has an extensive team of property specialists who fully understand the importance of providing accurate and detailed information, avoiding any ambiguity and protecting your most valuable assets.

Why choose Hilton & Fox

At Hilton & Fox we appreciate that property managers, landlords and tenants alike want a tenancy to run as smoothly as possible. We are here to facilitate that wish by providing you with an unparalleled service


An inventory is a binding legal document that provides an accurate written record of the condition and contents of a property at the beginning of a tenancy. Some landlords do not realise that although descriptions can appear uncomplimentary, it is those descriptions that will allow them to prove whether a tenant caused damage or is liable for cleaning costs.


At a Check-in, an Independent Inventory Clerk inspects the property and compares it to the inventory. Any variations seen are noted on the inventory.

If there have been significant changes to the property since the inventory was last used it is likely that a new inventory will be required. Landlords are advised to give fair notice to their clerk if this is the case to allow sufficient time for the job. If in doubt, consult us.

In order to authenticate the inventory it must be signed by both the landlord and tenant or their representative. The ‘master inventory’ (agreed at the Check-in) should be kept safe for use at the end of the tenancy or in the event of a dispute.


At the end of the tenancy a Check-out inspection is carried out. Notes are made on the ‘master inventory’ of any variations since the Check-in. Our inventory clerk will then list the significant differences on a Check-out report.

Cleaning is often a major area of dispute. Landlords and tenants are advised to retain all receipts relating to cleaning and repairs carried out before or during a tenancy.

It should be noted that an Inventory Clerk cannot comment usefully on any alterations or additions made after the Check-in unless he/she was instructed to revisit the property in order to examine these changes at the time they were made.

The Check-out report is the basis for most claims made by landlords. A claim is most often viewed more favourably if compiled by an independent and unbiased party such as an Independent Inventory Clerk, particularly in a Court of Law.